Why I Write

To me poetry is a direct expression of my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions. The words from my pen help me express myself when my verbal words just seem to fall short of a full rendering of what my mind is trying to say.

My hand becomes my mouth and my pen becomes the colorful words that are painted across my canvas, the paper. I never am quite sure what colors I will pick at any given time, but in someway a rainbow always seems to appear from off the page and streaks across the life of anyone that happens to fall within it’s reach.

Writing to me is a deep ocean that I throw myself into over and over again, and each times, the water feels differently of hot and cold. Weather storm inspired waves, or the gentle stillness liken to a lake. The scenery after emerging from this cleansing, this soaking in an ocean of emotions, is different each time, of blue skies, colorful rainbows, and moon-lit nights.

In the end, I write to capture that of which we can not see, and give form to that of which we feel, I feel, everyone feels. I write to give you the chance to experience what is in my heart, and the heart of others. I write, to simply write.

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